Books can be possessive, can’t they? you’re walking around in a bookstore and a certain one will jump out at you, like it had moved there on its own, just to get your attention. Sometimes what’s inside will change your life, but sometimes you on’t even have ti read it. Sometimes it’s a comfort just to have a book around.

- Sarah Addison Allen (The Sugar Queen)

The most magnificent poem hasn’t been written yet
The most beautiful song hasn’t been sung yet
The most glorious day hasn’t been lived yet
The most immense sea hasn’t been pioneered yet
The most prolonged travel hasn’t been done yet.

The immortal dance hasn’t been performed yet
The most shine star hasn’t been discovered yet.

When we don’t know any more what we are supposed to do
It’s the time when we can do true something
When we don’t know any more where we are supposed to go
It’s the start when the true travel has just begun.

가장 훌륭한 시는 아직 쓰여지지 않았다
가장 아름다운 노래는 아직 불려지지 않았다
최고의 날들은 아직 살지 않은 날들
가장 넓은 바다는 아직 항해되지 않았고
가장 먼 여행은 아직 끝나지 않았다

불멸의 춤은 아직 추어지지 않았으며
가장 빛나는 별은 아직 발견되지 않은 별

무엇을 해야 할지 더 이상 알 수 없을 때
그 때 비로소 진실로 무엇인가를 할 수 있다
어느 길로 가야 할지 더 이상 알 수 없을 때
그 때가 비로소 진정한 여행의 시작이다

-  Nazim Hikmet

In 10 years i’m going to be 32…. 10 years from now i’m going to be THIRTY-TWO!
I really can’t wrap my  head around this absolute truth.. no matter how much i think about it >< 

Two things that come to mind when I think about this question is…
1. I’m only 22 atm… and I still got sooooo much to live for
2. 10 years.. its actually NOT a lot of time…

Putting these points together I feel like the next 10 years is gonna be a critical season of my life. So much to achieve, but so little time.

I guess this is because in 10 years time I’m really hoping that I would have achieved quite a lot of things and be the person that i aspire to be… but to be perfectly honest, I can definitely say I don’t SEE myself as that person in 10 years time. For the 22 years that i’ve lived so far, I don’t think I can say I’ve become a person that I wanted to be 10 years ago when i was 12… I’m not sure how I will not make a repeat of this for the upcoming years><

For now if I was to fast forward 10 years from now I guess this is what my hope and dream will be:)

I imagine myself waking up next to my husband and being woken up by our children jumping into our bed. We’d be living in a small cosy old house that we renovated together. Not a flash house but just warm and homey. There’ll be lots of wooden stuff! and a nice garden and definitely lots of photos around the house. I’d love that. Ideally i’d be out of NZ by this time… starting a new life overseas with my family is definitely a dream for me. I would have traveled quite a lot by this point in my life, by myself and with my husband… 10 times, 10 different countries, if i stuck to my travel-at-least-once-a-year agenda. After seeing the world and opening my eyes to the different cultures I would be able to appreciate where I will be living no matter where that may be.

I would have a steady job… Sadly i still don’t know what that may be but definitely something that i enjoy and something i’m good at. Perhaps a Teacher… or some organisational work with a hotel company? haha i know its random but i’d love to work in a famous 5-star hotel. Whatever it may be i wanna work alongside people, motivating them and helping other people achieve their goals. However, above my career, I wanna be a successful mum to my child and a loving wife.

I imagine having a strong close relationship with my parents, seeing them regularly, keeping in touch with them on a daily basis  (with amazing technology this will definitely be possible). Taking care of my parents and providing for them once i’m older is one of my biggest priorities. I cant give them enough for how much they’ve done for me and by 32 i will no longer be reaching out to them for help, but i’ll be reaching out to serve them and be the support and pillars that they need in their life so that they may live a comfortable and healthy life.

All i know is that whatever life i have when i’m 32, i want to Glorify God in whatever circumstances i may be in. Even if what i hope for is not what i come to be, I know that His plan for me is greater than what i could possibly imagine. He will exceed my expectations beyond all comprehension and at 32 I will not forget to be thankful for all the work that he has done in my life

I guess to sum it up, If the 32-year-old me ever met the 22-year-old me, I hope that she will be proud of where she is at when she is 32 and know that God will be pleased with her. She’ll be excited to reach 32 where  she will know there is a good future and a hope, and to experience that journey.. of growing up :)

Here’s a letter i wrote to myself in 1999.. that’s 13 years ago.It really showed how young and ambitious i was. At such a young age there are no limits and there are no boundaries, anything was possible. I guess i’m no Olympic swimmer, or a doctor. But i teach.. teaching violin. so i guess there is a chance.. that a part of what i hope for can come true :D 

Maybe this entry will be my next “letter” to myself. I’ll wait for the day when i look back and realise just how young i was at 22 and how overly ambitious and naive i was but also feel a sense of satisfaction for all the things I really did accomplish

Its day two of the 15 day challenge! already finding it difficult to posting daily!><
Of course there are so many things i want to do and so many things i wanna achieve but doing this was incredibly difficult! Narrowing it down to 10.. hmmm

but i guess this is the top 10 that i really wanna do all before i die :) 

10 Things on my Bucket List

1. Go skydiving/ Bungy Jumping/ Paragliding - really wanna do at least one of these!

2. Compete in a swimming race… even just a random small competition. Wanna experience that thrill of racing in the waters again

3. Get a Scuba diving license so i can SCUBA DIVE!

4. Knit matching scarves for mum and dad

5. Travel the world- nothing fancy - just a couple of amazing company to come with me, passport, enough money to eat and a camera. I wanna see the world!

6. Go on a Missions trip - dunno where it will be, i guess that’s up to God to decide but at the moment i’m really attracted to South America.. just cause of the environment there :P I wanna work with an orphanage and work with kids and take a teaching role there for a few months. Would love to really just leave my whole life aside for a while and  dedicate myself to serve other people.

7. Perform a song with a guitar and make a video to upload… and no… i have no talent in the area of singing OR guitar loL but i would definitely love to try develop what i have now 

8. Take a Barista training course - share the love of coffee!

9. Visit Washington DC in the springtime and go to the National Cherry Blossom Festival 

10. Fall in love… and everything else that follows :P yes its cliche and cheesy :P.. love fearlessly, renovate a house,  start a family together, grow old together :) 

To start my 15 day challenge, here’s a little about myself :)

Age: 22 years old… 23 in May next year. Time is flying

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Job: Currently working at Our Lady Star of the Seas primary school in Auckland teaching violin once a week. Also tutoring english once a week. 

Its such a privilege to be able to work with some amazing kids. I think teaching is a job where you gain much more from your students than what you teach them, and i definitely find that really rewarding and thankful :) 

URL meaning: When i got my new Nikon camera at the beginning of the year, what i originally planned was to start a personal photo blog and update it daily… but that plan kind of didnt work out haha. That’s why i originally named my personal blog “Nikonsays”. I really wanted to just share my daily life through one really meaningful picture each day. I think one of these days i will attempt to do this… but for now.. there is Instagram =P

My more public blog is called “ThingsILove”. Its really just a compilation of things i love haha. Fashion, Music, Scenery, and of course.. FOOD! 

School Major: In my last year of my Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Commerce conjoint degree at the University of Auckland majoring in Psychology and Marketing. Really enjoying what i’m learning, but I’ve yet to decide where I really wanna go with this >< 

I guess I’ve still yet to figure out what my plan is in life. I was always so scared of my future, not knowing where I was going and what the future held. But coming to know Christ, and having faith that he has a purpose for me, a plan for good gives me that security and motivation to keep going. I will patiently wait for the day when God opens my eyes to the desires he has planted in my heart… but for now, I’m striving to be the best that i can be within my current circumstances so that later God can use me for what He has placed me here for and accomplish my ultimate Mission:)

Hobbies: First and foremost learning and sharing the Word of God is definitely a new-found passion for me. I love any type of sport, in particular swimming and hiking. Watching movies, listening to music, people watching, drinking coffee (hobby?), Food (eating food, taking photos of food, sharing food with friends) baking and sharing my baked goods :D

That’s a little snippet of myself:)
I guess it’ll be funny coming back to this in 10 years time to see how much i’ve progressed (or not progressed:P)

22 year old me with my beautiful friends <3

Gonna start this tomorrow! definitely gonna be a challenge for me&#8230; but.. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 

Gonna start this tomorrow! definitely gonna be a challenge for me… but.. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 

the most effective preaching comes from those who embody the things they are saying. they ARE the message… Christians… need to look like what they are talking about. it is PEOPLE who communicate primarily, not words or ideas… Authenticity… gets across from deep down inside people… A momentary insincerity can cast doubt on all that has made communication up to that point

Searching for answers…i looked at his tear filled eyes that avoid mine, his unresting hands, his worry-filled face, his loss for words… and i knew exactly what was coming. 

As we hugged goodbye for the last time, my mind was screaming for just 1 more minute with him… 1 more minute of familiarity and warmth.

Enduring this pain of separation is never easy. 

How do u just suddenly tell your mind to stop thinking about him when your heart still longs for him.  How do u go from loving him.. to trying to ignore his existence?? 


One at a time i wish i could erase these feelings away…

How do i cope? I don’t know how to get through.. each passing time is unbearable. Memories of him and us just fill my mind… why is it now that all these become so vivid… when i least want it…

Not the bad ones, but the good memories… These are what will haunt me; his beautiful eyes, his smile, the sound of his laughter, the way he held my hand, the way my head perfectly reached his lips. These are what kept me going in his absence… through all the waiting and the disappointment… The good times helped me fight it. 
But now, these very memories, that i loved so much are going to haunt me and torment me…
Oh how quickly things change. 

Tomorrow will not be welcoming..
Tomorrow is gonna be a battlefield once again… and it will all start the moment my eyes open.. when the memories come flooding back in again.

Please.. time… make love pass quickly

Dinner with the amazing Yujin, Carolyn and Bora :)
Great way to spend a saturday night after a hard day’s work

Rustica Pizza, Pumpkin sauce pasta and Fries with Aioli ♥



Sexy night prowlers

"OMGAHH we should pose next to this pole!!!" - seemed like a good idea at the time 

Haha was a night to remember :)
Looking fwd to more!!

Hope everyone’s having a fab Easter break

LOVEs all round! 

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